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  Rocky Mountaineer Rail  magazine, December 2000
The Benfield Group, Inc.  sent in this photo following their trip onboard.  This group of teachers traveled through Canada's West to gain first hand perspective on our geography and history.  According to Ben Benfield, "The group adopted the name ' Rocky Mountaineers' after the highlight of this summer field trip, riding the Rocky Mountaineer Train up, down and, literally, through the Rockies."
   Meeting Professionals International, September 2000
"They (mega hotels) can't give you the kind of service you want.  We understand that.  The big groups provide more money and it's the squeaky-wheel-gets-the-grease thing."
... Other planners are not as adamant, but they still have reservations.  Ben and Jan Benfield, both CMPs, run the Benfield Group Inc. in Marietta, Ga.  They have heard representatives of mega hotels talk about efforts to bring personal service, but are not convinced.

"You hear, 'Oh, we can serve all size groups,'" Jan says.  "But if you bring in a group of 200, you will be virtually lost in the crowd, and you'll be relegated to the worst meeting space.  You won't get the attention and care you need."

Ben agrees.  "They can't give you the kind of service you want.  We understand that.  The big groups provide more money, and it's the 'squeaky-wheel-gets-the-grease thing.'" ...

  Atlanta Business Chronicle: September 1, 2000  (page 21)
Atlanta Business Chronicle asked local meeting planners to discuss their experiences and share their opinions on the industry.  The questions posed in the survey and the Benfield's answers are listed below:
Q: What's your worst horror story?  What did you learn from the experience?
A: After signing a contract two years out with a deposit, the hotel decided to move our group to another property because they had subsequently contracted with a larger group which would bring in more revenue.  What we learned from the experience: Include in the contract a clause that states that no attendees in the group will be walked to another property.
Q: What's the greatest change to affect the industry in the past year?
A: The World Wide Web.  This technology, both challenge and opportunity, has brought many time-saving aspects to our day-to-day business.
Q: What's the hardest part of your job?
A: Finding time to break away from our work.
  The Meeting Professional, May 1998
"Thanks to Ben and the spontaneous support of MPI Georgia members, I got to know the whole range of the meeting planning industry in the United States… learning ways to change my business practices and being exposed to a different approach to the challenges inherent in a global market… this was an outstanding experience that I would not have missed for anything."
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